Working to a tight deadline, Mediasmiths provided a robust and structured technology selection for Fotball Media when it needed to select a new service provider for their video content management system. Supporting Football Media from requirements definition and all the way through to the solution evaluation phase and contract signature. “Mediasmiths provided both the domain expertise needed as well as a transparent and rigorous approach that put our needs at the centre of the process”, says Pearse Connolly, Director Business Development at Fotball Media.

Fotball Media is a joint venture bewteen The Football Association of Norway and the Norwegian Professional Leagues. They provide access to current and archived football content to partner and family organisations through a centralised Content Management System (CMS). The CMS manages up to 600 games per year, covering ingest of games, provision of feeds and clips to partners, and longer term archive storage. In addition to this, Fotball Media also wanted the new service provider to add more innovative services in the future by providing more match related data than before and supporting many more devices.

In 2014 Fotball Media’s existing managed service contract for the CMS was due to expire and Fotball Media needed to procure a replacement service to be fully operational for the 2015 season. The timescale was aggressive and there was simply not enough time to run a full-blown vendor selection process. To meet this challenge, Mediasmiths provided a rapid and iterative bid process that included weekly reviews where service providers could refine their solutions and commercial models.

During the engagement, Mediasmiths participated in the requirement gathering and wrote the RFP to go out to vendors and service providers. Mediasmiths also provided assistance during the final evaluation process as well as the framework for evaluating the bids, with the final decision still firmly under Fotball Media’s control.

“Thanks to the iterative process and Mediasmiths’ domain expertise the selection process was completed according to our original timescales”, says Pearse Connolly, Director Business Development at Fotball Media.

Image credit Eivind Hauger/Flickr