Global media system 3-year TCO – Cloud vs. Traditional

Comparing costs for different solutions is hard and takes time, so most people don't do it. We decided it was time someone actually did the maths and pulled together the knowledge and the numbers to compare the costs of running a global media management and production system in the cloud versus running it the traditional (on-prem) way.

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We looked at a scenario with 2+ global sites, post-production in two locations, and global media management with access to content from any location. The TCO looks at build-out costs over 3 years assuming growth in content and operations.

To learn more about the details behind the numbers, the totals costs, and to see what the TCO would look like for you, please contact or fill in the form below.

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This TCO has been developed together with our partners at Vidispine for media management and Magenta for remote editing and uses pricing for services that are available off-the-shelf today. 

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