How we use Trello at Mediasmiths

At Mediasmiths we use both Trello and JIRA for managing development and support tickets. JIRA has some advantages when it comes to creating formal structures, but for smaller projects, or when there are fewer dependencies to keep track of, we think Trello is a great little tool. And we love horizontal scrolling on Kanban boards! Are you listening, Atlassian?

Here are the very simple guidelines we use for managing tickets in Trello.

3 signs you're thinking about story centric news the wrong way

That news should be "story centric" has been common wisdom for quite some time now, but sometimes we see and hear things that make us realise there are still a lot of ingrained behaviours and perspectives. Behaviours that stand in the way of the story centric working practices needed in a modern news organisation.

Here are three signs you are thinking about story centric news the wrong way.