Visualising The Story Timeline

This blog is the second in a series on the Future Newsroom. You can find the first part about the importance of Mobile and Data here.

Visualising a long-running news topic on a timeline looking at the past and into the future. Published media and analytics is shown at the top and incoming media at the bottom.

Modern newsroom tools need to work across platforms and be agile enough to allow news organisations to try new models. In today’s news environment publishing platforms may come and go within the space of a year.

Working across platforms also means that the concept of the news story needs to be updated. The story is no longer simply an article or a script but needs to be a whole topic. The topic is a collection of events that form a single narrative over time that all content can be linked to so that images, text, video and audio all become easily discoverable.

The topic may only exist for a single day, or run for several months. Doing this means the focus is shifted from creating single articles or video packages, instad the focus will be on creating engaging narratives that run over longer periods of time. Engaging narratives that audiences want to come back to.

The concept drawing in this post shows how the news topic could be visualised in a newsroom system as a timeline showing content published in the past as well as future planned events.

The concept has incoming media appearing below the timeline and published content shown in orange bars above the line. Media can be access directly from the timeline.

Analytics is integrated directly into the story environment with impression metrics shown with blue bars alongside the orange bars of published content.