At Mediasmiths we pride ourselves on having a very diverse team with complementing skills and a culture where we support each other. We have an equal gender split and coworkers from six countries across four continents. What we share is a passion for creating great media technology solution and a desire to constantly improve. 

Software Developers – Our developers can help you do anything from building cutting edge custom solutions, to integrating all flavours of media systems to help you build the best media supply chains. Have a look at what we do for more information.

Devops Engineers –  Our devops engineers provide expertise in quality assurance, continuous integration,  and cloud deployment. They make us agile without sacrificing rigour and quality in our development processes.

Media Tech Specialists – With many years' experience from working at media companies across the world and deep insight into how the media industry is developing, our media tech specialists ensure that the solutions that  we create meet our customers' needs.

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you want to join our team. We are always looking for bright and energetic people who share our values.