A lot of things go into a company’s values and culture. The way we treat our customers, our colleagues, and the people we meet when we do business. These things can’t easily be summarised in short statements and are best demonstrated by how we act when we go about doing business. But as a preview of what makes Mediasmiths the company it is, here is a short introduction to our values.


We never act against our customers’ interests. Ever. We work hard to become a trusted partner to our customers and this is a position that we earn over time by always and without exception acting with integrity. 

Doing business with integrity makes us proud of who we are and what we do.


Quality is a journey and therefore we are never done. It requires continuous improvements to how we structure our work and implement our solutions. It requires us to share good ideas and to listen to each other, whether it’s through informal chats or more formal Team Talks.

Striving for quality makes us proud of our work and what we create.


As it says above: It's always okay to ask, it’s never okay not to ask. We believe in this and we remind ourselves of it all the time. We even have it written on the wall in the office. We encourage this philosophy because it creates a more open workplace where we can create better solutions by drawing on everyone’s experience.

We believe that a diverse team is a strong team. Building a strong and diverse team requires commitment to building an open and inclusive environment. Through this commitment we have built a team with an equal gender split, with co-workers from six countries across four continents.