PROFILE Panel for Adobe® Prelude® CC

The PROFILE Panel for Cantemo Portal is a new way of integrated working that brings together Adobe Prelude CC desktop shot selection and logging with Cantemo’s state of the art media asset management solution.
Define your metadata templates in Portal and use them from inside Adobe Prelude CC to ensure quality and consistency. All in an interface that seamlessly bridges the gap between desktop and server.

Select and log

Use the templates you have defined in Cantemo Portal directly from within Adobe Prelude CC. Make full use of predefined fields, streamline and standardise your logging to ensure you never lose your media again.

Offline Working

Work with your predefined templates without a connection to Cantemo Portal and sync media later. This allows you to select and log the shots you want on the way back from the shoot—on the bus or the plane—and immediately start work on them in Portal when you return.

Tools you know

Use the tools you already know to manage your ingest and logging. The PROFILE Panel seamlessly bridges the gap between Adobe Prelude CC and Cantemo Portal – the tools you already know.

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