Rightsline integration for video on demand service

When a new mobile VOD service needed to integrate Rightsline into a fast moving environment, Mediasmiths was the natural solution partner. The project depended upon Mediasmiths’ strengths, combining our deep media industry expertise and our ability to deliver complex software integration projects.

A telecoms multi-national had tight timeframes to launch a completely new mobile VOD service into new markets and needed a development partner to integrate Rightsline rights management into their existing media and metadata supply chain. There was little time for detailed specifications, meaning the customer needed a partner able to define solutions to complex media technology problems, develop software, and test end-to-end prior to live deployment

“Knowing that we were working with an integration partner that understands media was hugely valuable and also reduced the risk for both us and on the project as a whole” – Rob Delf, CEO Rightsline Software

Media supply chain

Rightsline’s rights management solution was integrated into the overall media supply chain, making it the source of truth for everything related to metadata, publications and license windows across multiple territories and a large and fast-changing library of content

Metadata and workflow steps in Rightsline trigger integrations built by Mediasmiths to propagate information to downstream systems and feedback updates to the Rightsline system.

Content operations dashboard

Mediasmiths integrated Rightsline, a proprietary video platform, and a file transfer accelerator to collect information about media versions into a content operations dashboard. The dashboard allows the content operations team to prioritise work based on publication dates collected from Rightsline and file delivery information collected from the transfer accelerator.

Thanks to Mediasmiths’ unique combination of media technology and software development knowledge the solution was brought to market quickly and with agility, without sacrificing quality. Instead of spending time and effort detailing how the solution should work, the launch team focussed on achieving their business goals and trusted Mediasmiths with technology design and implementation.

Technical Solution

The applications and integrations were developed using Java and JavaScript with a fully modular microservices architecture. Rightsline’s extensive and well-documented RESTful APIs were leveraged for all of the integration components.

The applications and integrations are deployed on Amazon Web Services infrastructure and services, including Lambda, Elastic Container Service for Docker, CloudWatch, and S3. Hashicorp Terraform is used to manage the AWS infrastructure and services using infrastructure-as-code principles.

Hashicorp Consul is used as a service repository and a configuration store, with Travis CI providing the continuous integration and build environment.