We forge solutions to our customers’ problems, not just implementations of their specifications. Our team has a thorough understanding, both of the changing media landscape, as well as the technical solutions available for anyone involved in video production and distribution. We also place a great deal of emphasis on software quality and best practices. Code review, automated testing, and continuous integration are important parts of the development process. Because the earlier we catch problems, the easier they will be to fix. We pride ourselves on being a trusted partner for many of our customers, often working alongside their developers to get the right solution to meet each customer’s unique challenges and opportunities.



If there is no product available in the market to solve your challenges, then talk to us. We already know and fully understand many of the problems being faced by companies in the media landscape, yet at the same time unique workflows are bringing unique challenges to different content providers. Our team will use expert market knowledge and understanding to develop a bespoke media solution and solve those challenges for you. 

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We get media systems to talk to each other. Our team is well placed to ensure your systems can be expertly integrated with each other, regardless of which systems you are using. Building on a great deal of experience in this field, our team truly understands the context of what media systems need to do. This means that not only can your integration be completed in record time, but you will also be left with a seamless and intuitive experience across your entire workflow. 

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Image courtesy of Andreas Wieser